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Deepak Chopra's Mindful Method

If you haven't checked it out yet, please do explore Deepak Chopra's Mindful Method made exclusively for Fitbit Premium members

It's his all-new wellness collection for strengthening the mind body connection; featuring sessions across mindfulness, sleep, stress and more. 

Mindfulness for Total Well-Being 

Take a look at one of the 4-part series available now:

  • Total Well-Being: Body
    Build awareness of the body-mind connection with Dr. Deepak Chopra. Consciously slowing down breathing can help quiet a busy min.
    (4 min)


  • Total Well-Being: Mind
    Recall both positive and negative emotions to experience how the mind affects the body, in this short but effective exercise.

    (6 min)

  • Total Well-Being: Emotion
    Build emotional resilience with an 8-step exercise.
    Grab your journal and follow along, or listen and do the practice later.

    (6 min)

  • Total Well-Being: Spirit 
     Deepak defines spirit as your source of attention and intention. In this meditation, he helps you understand your strengths while building gratitude.

    (6 min)


More exclusive sessions will roll out on Premium over the coming months, including this new 4-part content series set to release on March 30th 2021:


A Day with Deepak 

  • Morning Mantra Meditation

  • A Breathing Technique to Manage Stress

  • Reset Your Bad Mood

  • Prepare for Restful Sleep

I do hope you’ll check it out

Love, Deepak