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Control Frizz with the latest technology from Qiqi Vega

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Qi Qi Vega

Permanent Straightening & Softening

This is by far the most advanced Straightening & Softening Treatment solution ever made!

With 3 different versions that provide permanent results that are rich in conditioning and gloss ingredients which leave the hair shiny and super soft with radiant results.

Enriched with organic ingredients, with no down time for colouring, it is the ultimate straightening treatment safe to use without harmful ingredients.

QIQI is effective for nearly all hair types including tight curls, loose curls, wavy hair and damaged hair. It will halve your blow-drying time and change your hair texture from wiry to soft, eliminating frizz along the way. 

  • A new era of in-salon permanent straightening, without harsh, damaging and colour-fading chemicals

  • Easy, simple and effective

  • Transforms hair texture

  • Won’t damage hair, instead it revitalises and rejuvenates hair

  • Compatible with chemically treated hair

  • The only permanent straightening solution which is NOT alkaline-based

  • Permanent straightening solution for thin and damaged hair

  • No chemical fumes or smoke released as solution is washed out prior to ironing

  • No downtime for hair colouring or swimming in pools or the sea

  • Resistant to harsh climate conditions such as humidity and extreme heat


Rich in conditioning & gloss ingredients, QiQi leaves the hair shiny, insanely soft with eye-opening radiant results. Based on organic components, Free of parabens, alkaline, microplastics or any ingredients that leaves build-up on the hair. No use of animal derived ingredients or animal testing. 

Qiqi Straight
Qi qi _Vega_straight.png
Qi qi Vega Straight.jpg

Give It To Me Straight

This is a service that is great if you want seriously straight hair permanently until the roots grow with the hair’s natural texture.


The revolutionary Vega straightening treatment is resistant to sweat, moisture and humid conditions and contains no chemicals or preservatives. You can continue to enjoy beautiful hair every day even after swimming in the sea or the pool.

This optimal hair treatments will not only transform the style of your hair but will also simultaneously revitalize and rejuvenate hair tresses.

Qi qi vega curls_240598947_395113718676410_7414437736481228054_n.jpg

Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

Curly girls love their curls and want to rock the best version of their curls. Qi qi vega gives wavy, curly or coils their best life. Helps with eliminating major frizz while giving your curl the beautiful, bold, bouncy, healthy look they deserve!

Why choose a Qiqi Permanent Straightening over a Keratin treatment?

Both of these treatments have huge benefits. 

 Ask your self - how you want it to behave whilsy in your hair and how will it will grow out?

A Keratin Smoothing treatment deposits Keratin (protein) directly into the hairs cortex and with the use of heat during your service hardens and then seals the outer layer of the hair - the cuticle. This treatment does not reform your disulphide bonds (the little links that make up your hair structure deep down in the cortex). Although it does relax your hair, eventually it will all wash out and another treatment will be necessary.

Usually every 12-24 weeks depending on how you care for your hair and environmental factors. Because of how this treatment essentially “fades” out, you are not left with any type of regrowth line. Keratin treatments are incredibly nourishing for the hair, especially checmically damaged hair types as well and thick, course or unruly hair. This treatment offers immense shine and condition and as it is keratin, strengthens the hair aswell. Because the keratin needs time to set into the hair it is suggested to wait 1-2 weeks post treatment to re colour the hair. You can expect up to 4 levels of fading on your artificial colour with this treatment. 

A Qiqi Vega Permanent Straightening is just that. So it will grow out with your hair hence giving you a regrowth line. It is designed to be much longer lasting in the hair. Qiqi does not deposit keratin into the hair but rather it reforms the disulphide bonds, giving them a new shape and then sealing down the cuticle layer. This is an acidic treatment and the only one of its kind available at the moment. Typically to do a permanent straightening in the past you’d have to have very healthy or non bleached hair already and it would be a 2 step process including neutralising the hair to reconnect your disulphide bonds. Qiqi does not break your bonds and in fact is incredibly repairing for your hair. Because of this is why Keratin smoothing was a game changer when it came to market. Now we have Qiqi!  Regrowth applications can be done as little as 5 weeks post treatment (if you’re really serious about not letting that hair through) but for most 6-12 months would be my own personal recommendation. This treatment will fade your colour about 1-2 shades so a post service colour is recommended. You can colour on the same day unlike with the keratin. Using organically derived ingredients and being an acidic base this treatment is great for strengthening and restructuring your hair as well as offering care properties, hydration and shine.

Qiqi Vega time

 Reclaiming My Time

For clients looking to smooth their hair and reduce curl while increasing manageability and de-frizzing

This is a service that is great for clients who want to regain control of their hair without making it overly straight. Retain body and volume, increase shine and manageability while eliminating frizz and moderate curl reduction. 


“Qi Qi straightened my  fine hair but didn't lose body and movement.  It was a bonus to colour after the treatment, which I couldn't do before with keratin's.

Macy Fletcher


“My hair is wavy/frizzy with high porosity. I was uncertain this could help but decided to go through with it. My hair is now super soft, with frizz eliminated and my hair  still feels natural”

Collette Hikoco

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