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The team at The Colour Bar NZ are committed to being sustainable salons leaders in the hair and beauty industry by minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.  We hope to achieve this by:

  • Actively promoting recycling in-salon and amongst our customers and suppliers
  • Sourcing and promoting product ranges which minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution

  • Aligning ourselves with organisations that meet environmental legislation requirements

  • Minimising waste and evaluating the way we work to ensure we are as efficient as possible

  • Minimising toxic emissions through by sourcing our power from renewable energy sources 

  • Participating in projects and activities which strengthen communities and promote sustainable practices 

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Rustic Beach Path

December 12, 2017

Stop plastic waste entering our Oceans

In December 2017, all members of the United Nations ‘committed’ to a plan to curb plastic waste entering the ocean. We sort our used salon-plastic products into bins and recycle fortnightly using local collection services.

Freshly Caught Fish




Grungy Grey Print T-Shirt

January 14, 2018

Composting  Hair & Capes

Your clothes in-salon are protected by our re-useable capes.  For extra long hair our disposable capes are made from Potato Starch and fully biodegradable.   We collect your hair and add to coffee grinds for weekly composting.

Compost Pickup Service





Power Washing

February 14, 2018

Water Conservation

Fresh water is a finite resource. To conserve water we have invested in water flow restriction devices, use water efficient washing machines that are energy star qualified and turn off water between cleansing & conditioning services, we wash & re- use sustainable micro-fibre towels for your services, lightly fragranced with eucalyptus oil.

Women Fishing




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"The future is fast innovation of the new economy using sustainable development principles"

                        Alex Steffen

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